Table of Contents for Canadians and War Volume 2: Vimy Ridge

 Now available Canadians and War Volume 2: Vimy Ridge

Lammi Publishing, Inc. is pleased to release the table of contents for our book of essays on the Battle of  Vimy Ridge  to be released shortly.


“A Dominion Comes of Age: The Battle of Vimy Ridge” by Karen Hann

Karen Hann
Karen Hann is a freelance writer and editor living in Lethbridge, Alberta. She received her Bachelor of Arts (English) degree at the University of Lethbridge and her Master of Arts (English; Creative Writing) degree at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.


“How did the Canadian Corps Achieve the Magnificent Victory at Vimy Ridge when Other Allied Armies Failed?” by W.A. Leavey

Lieutenant Colonel W.A. (Bill) Leavey, MA, CD (Retired)
Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) W.A. (Bill) Leavey served in the Canadian Army Infantry from 1967 to 2008. The field units he served in include the Black Watch, Royal Highland Regiment of Canada (RHC), the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR), the Canadian Airborne Regiment (CAR), and the Princess of Wales Own Regiment (PWOR). From 1994 to 1998 he was seconded with Veterans Affairs Canada as military liaison officer for the Canada Remembers Program, a commemoration group celebrating battle and campaign anniversaries for all of Canada’s major wartime events. LCol Leavey holds a Master’s degree in English from the Royal Military College. He has written two books of anecdotes for the RHC and RCR, entitled War Stories, Anecdotes and Lies. LCol Leavey has also published numerous stories, articles, and essays on military humour and humour in general in local and national magazines and newspapers. He lives in Kingston, Ontario with his wife Maureen, a 35-year veteran herself, and their Labradoodle Finnegan


“Vimy Ridge: Sons and Brothers” by Keith Elliott

Keith Elliott
Keith Elliott is a stonecutter and artist living in Wallace, Nova Scotia. His blog can be found at