Lammi Publishing is pleased to announce that our future titles will be available in paperback form as well as ebook. Some of our catalog titles will also be converted into paperback.

When we were first discussing the idea for the company in the beginning of 2014, one of the things we considered was the best way to produce the books. What format would be both cost-effective and accessible? At that time, considering the Canadian market, what made the most sense was to publish in purely digital format. Offset printing was and still is horribly expensive, and at that time print on-demand was not available in the sort of quality we at Lammi Publishing would have been proud to put our name behind.

At this time, we have published three books and have several more in the pipeline. A week doesn’t go by in which we do not receive queries about print copies. The cost of production as well as the quality has improved.

This is an exciting step to be able to put our authors’ wonderful research in front of more readers and allow for more ways for our readers to enjoy our books.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our authors for being willing to join in the latest chapter of Lammi Publishing.