Link Roundup for April 27th 2015 

This past week there were two major stories. The commemoration of the Gallipoli landing and the centennial of the start of the Armenian genocide.. Here’s what jumped out.

Unfortunately most of the coverage of the genocide has been preoccupied with the current debate. Fortunately there have been a few articles that delve deeper into the history of the events. For example this piece from the BBC.

Over on the Gallipoli peninsula,  Thousands gather at dawn ceremony to mark Gallipoli centenary  This article about Australia’s role in the Pacific during WWI was something that I hadn’t Heard about. One of the hopes with our publishing program is to bring to light these lesser-known campaigns.

The iron harvest we often hear about in relation to northwest Europe. However it’s amazing to think just where unexploded ordinance can be found like  on a New Jersey college campus.