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Losing History

Centurions I was reading a competitors book over the weekend on Roman Centurions where it was pointed out that we don’t know the rules governing promotions and the like.  [1]  Presumably the historians that wrote things down either believed that their audiences didn’t care about such things or for that matter already would’ve known them. […]

Link Roundup for May 4th 2015 

Here are this weeks interesting links. Centennial  commemorations of the  Battle of Gorlice.  The Eastern front of WWI is one of those areas that I’m weaker on. So it’s always good to come across stuff like this. John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields was written on May 3RD 1915. Generations of Canadian schoolchildren can probably recite bits and […]

Link Roundup for April 27th 2015 

This past week there were two major stories. The commemoration of the Gallipoli landing and the centennial of the start of the Armenian genocide.. Here’s what jumped out. Unfortunately most of the coverage of the genocide has been preoccupied with the current debate. Fortunately there have been a few articles that delve deeper into the history […]

First World War Centennial Links April 20th 2015

So many events, commemorations and  stories are coming out since it’s the centennial of the First World War. It can be hard to keep track of everything. Here are  a few links that caught our attention in the last week or so.  Queen honors Calgary Highlanders, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and the Canadian Scottish Regiments. This is part […]

The Christmas Truce and Historical Coverage

First of all a Merry Christmas and happy new year to all. The centenary of the Christmas Truce of 1914 is naturally in the news right now. While Canadian units were not involved it has brought up an interesting question. Why is their cultural memory about certain events and not about others? Christmas Truce For […]

The Great Image Hunt

When discussing the website with the developers a question that quickly came up was one of images.  Since military actions are invariably newsworthy and important for government propaganda, one thing we do have is plenty of photographs.  Even when the existing technology wasn’t that good, images still were created.  Just think how much better most […]

Welcome to the Blog

This is the first of many posts to the Lammi Publishing blog.  After months of planning and discussion, the website has been launched. Thanks to our excellent web development team for helping us get off the ground, taking our general ideas and transforming them into what you’re reading. Keep watching this space. Soon we will […]