Announcing the biography of Rfm. George Carvell

Lammi Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired the worldwide electronic English language rights to the biography I’m a Survivor not a Victim: The Experiences of Normandy Veteran George Carvell and His Reintegration into Society by Amanda Shepherd.

The book documents the experiences of Rfm. George Carvell, of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, during his time in the Canadian Army from 1942-1945 and his reintegration into Canadian society post-1945. His training for the Second World War, his service in the Normandy invasion, and his captivity all offer insight to the experiences of a Canadian soldier during the Second World War. Often soldiers are viewed as victims from their military service because of the prominence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, most were not victims, but survivors, and they used their experiences in positive ways. Carvell was reintegrated to civilian life after the war and used his wartime experiences to educate his community through remembrance projects and elementary education. His life is proof positive that soldiers can come back from war as strong, productive individuals. The book not only discusses his personal experience, but also provides a synthesis of current research on the subject of Canadian POWs and lesser-known actions during the attack on Juno Beach.

Amanda Shepherd has just successfully graduated with her Masters of Arts degree from the University of New Brunswick in Canadian Military History. She comes from a proud military family and plans to continue her research into her family’s involvement in the World Wars and the Afghan War. She has presented her research at several conferences across Canada and has made presentations about remembrance in her hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick. Amanda is excited to visit the Canadian battlefields in Europe again to advance her knowledge on the topic. When she is not working on her research, she is working full time as the director of a daycare. She is an avid Nascar fan and scrapbooker. Amanda currently resides in St. Albert, Alberta.

The book is now in the editing phase. Publication date will be announced. It will be released through all major distribution channels and in appropriate formats. For updates please join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.