Call for Papers Canadians and War  Volume  4

Lammi Publishing is pleased to announce a call for papers for the essay collection, Canadians and War  volume  4, to be published  in  Q1 of 2018.


We wish to provide the opportunity for the discussion of topics which are rarely covered in larger works, as well as to provide a place for bold analysis of debates and topics. Anything is possible from prior to confederation through the conflict in Afghanistan. We are looking for everything from the most personal, a fighter pilot on a single sortie, to the most broad, the effect of the World Wars on French and English Canadian relations.

We are looking for a broad array of voices. We welcome lay people as well as undergraduates and graduate students as well as PhDs.  Please note, we reserve the right to break the volume into smaller works based upon conflict or topic if the response is overwhelming.


Essays are to be between 7,000 and 10,000 words using standard manuscript format and the Chicago Manual of Style. End notes to be used for citations and files to be sent in Microsoft Word format.

Rights and payment

The work will be published as an ebook and as a paperback printed by print on-demand technology. Therefore, we require worldwide English language rights in all e-book formats and as a paperback print on-demand rights. Payment to be based upon net royalties (after expenses)  proportioned as a percentage of the total work that the essay contains to be paid twice annually.

Important deadlines

Proposals to be received no later than  September 29th  at 11:59 PM mountain daylight time. Proposals to be sent via email to, subject line: Proposal, Canadians and War. Email should contain a one paragraph description of the proposed work, a paragraph describing the sources to be utilized and, finally, a short biography including previous citations and social media involvement—Twitter, Facebook, blogs, et cetera. First draft of essays due November 15th, 2017 for publication in the first quarter of 2018. We do require a minimum of four accepted proposals.

Any questions, please email